About Us

With now over 80 years in the herbal business, Mueggenburg has established itself to represent quality and reliability in an ever changing industry. Allow us to become your partner in sourcing botanical ingredients and benefit from our global sourcing network and decades of experience with natural products.

Mueggenburg Farms, Inc. is the newest member of the Mueggenburg Group. Located in the dry and cool "high desert" in Oregon, we have the ideal environment to focus on the trading, processing, cultivating, and contract farming of a vast variety of botanical herbs and spices.

Our Know-How

You will benefit from our market experience and product knowledge concerning sourcing and processing of plant material. 

Since not all plants can be grown economically, the traditional method of collecting wild plants is also very important us in which strict adherence to the species protection laws is an essential responsibility. Since the collectors are interested in long term financial existence, the collection of wild plants does not imply exploitation of nature, but rather a considerate handling of it.

With us, your raw materials are secured. Even if one harvest gets "hailed out", our storage capacity with stock large enough to bridge gaps in the harvest, ensures a continuous supply. With its "market buffer" of approximately 2000 lots of various medicinal plants and spices, we are the reliable backbone of  efficient supply.

Make use of our knowledge and our global network of suppliers and producers in order to focus on your core business.

Mueggenburg Group

The Mueggenburg Group is a collection of independent companies which work together to meet the global supply of the herbal industry. The Mueggenburg Group attempts to meet the demand of the globalized economy by providing effective

Our partner firms and agents throughout the world allow so to react quickly to market changes while ensuring a steady pipeline of material from all over the world.

Other members of the Mueggenburg Group include:

- Mueggenburg Pflanzliche Rohstoffe GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

- Baltifarm S.p.z.o.o. (Poland)

- ZeTePro (Germany)