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Mueggenburg Farms offers a broad variety of natural products. With focus on conventional and organic botanical raw  materials, we supply the herbal, pharmaceutical, tea, and feed industry with the hundreds of different ingredients. Coming in different shapes and forms our extensive product list can make us your one-stop-shop for your botanical ingredients.

Botanical Raw Materials

All of the dried herbs, spices, and fruits are offered in its raw form. Straight from the field and untreated, the raw botanical can be used in an a variety of ways. Fresh batches and continuous supply from all over the world ensures high quality material even in its rawest form.

Through our extensive sourcing network we can supply over 500 different botanical ingredients from around the globe. Whether materials from China, Germany, India, Brazil, or right here in the United States, we can help you find it.


With the world changing faster than we know it, the increase in demand for organic materials has sky rocketed. Modern consumers are looking for healthy, ecologically friendly, and sustainable ingredients. These shifts in demand can be felt all the way back to the growers and collectors, creating a new branch in the herbal industry.

Mueggenburg Farms has met this opportunity. As an organically certified company, we can supply all of our products in organic form with full batch-tracking so you know where the material comes from. 

Tea & Spice Industry

We offer a large assortment of herbs, spices, and dried fruit from all over the world perfect for teas. Knowing about the different cut sizes, colors, and flavors are all a part of our know-how we provide to get the right tea or spice ingredient for you. 

If you are looking for finished teas or a ready made spice mixture, we can already have ingredients blended together to your liking or our product development team can help you create something new and original. This will all be done in a confidential and trustful manner.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We can offer you heat and steam-treated pharmaceutical-grade whole, cut, and powdered material. Through contract farming we can offer consistent supply, stable prices, and keep material on hand ready for you when you need it.

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone tremendous change - and will continue to do so. As the demand for natural botanical ingredients increases, so does the need for a consistent and reliable source of high quality products. Our vast network of suppliers, combined with consistent on-hand inventory allows us to hedge against natural quality fluctuations.

Pet Food & Feed Industry

Our products are ideal ingredients for pet food and feed mixtures. Our sterilized powdered or cut herbs can come in individual or already customized blends and be a ready ingredient for pet food and feed manufacturing. Whether you need dried oregano, thyme, catnip, or rosemary - we can offer a high quality, steady bulk supply at a competitive price.

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